--- Comment #13 from Phillip Patriakeas <> 
2010-11-03 02:46:24 UTC ---
This also applies for custom namespaces - if you watchlist a page in a
pseudonamespace, and that pseudonamespace is later added as a custom namespace,
you end up with one of these invalid watchlist entries.

These titles can be removed in Special:Watchlist/raw by copying the list of
titles into your text editor of choice and removing the offending title(s) from
the pasted list, blanking the list in Special:Watchlist/raw and saving it (thus
blanking your watchlist), and then pasting the modified list back into
Special:Watchlist/raw and saving again.

Pseudonamespaces may not be much of a problem on Wikimedia wikis, but are more
so on Wikia (where I observed this variant of the bug and figured out the
solution), and definitely on other third-party installations.

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