--- Comment #20 from Philippe Verdy <> 2010-11-05 17:16:53 
UTC ---
What I suggested remains valid: place the effective code that will be generated
in a protected template, even if this template will use some custom
Not all wikis will need such parser function (and the complexity of multiple
rendered versions of the same page in their cache).
In other words, I still think that the signature should not generate staitc
code but code that can be tuned on each wiki, and parsed easily (not based on
plain text), independantly of how the protected template will work or will use
internally to perform the effective rendering (this template could use
UILANGCODE, or could use a static format, or the parserfunction you suggest, it
does not matter, what is more important is that the tildes for timestamps
should not be saved in an irreversible ambiguous way, but still preferably in a
compact format that is easily readable and editable).

My suggestion of generating something like
{{mediawiki:datetime|2010|12|31|23|59|59}} remains as the simplest form that
any editor would read easily. you should not care about what will be in this
internationalization template.

But if you rally want a parser function, just do it, it will not change things
radically, because you'll still have exactly the same decisions to do about how
to cache the rendered pages, except that there will remain no possible
customization of this behavior for each wiki accourding to their local cache
policies. Using a template in a protected namespace as a delegate would avoid
avoid to patch the hardwired behavior of the suggested parserfunction, even if
you implement it later or add further options (these options should not be
visible in messages, they should netter be tuned directly in the protected
template, whose implementation will be almost always extremely basic).

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