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> > To me, the CM: is also good, but far from the common use (i.e. Ask an
> > unsuspecting Commoner whats the short for Commons, and s/he'd say COM). But 
> > C:
> > is definitely too short.
> Why is C: Too short ?
> Wikipedia(nl) uses H: and P: for Help and Portal.
> Dont see the problem.

I think the better example is m: for Meta (another interproject wiki).

The issue with single-letter prefixes is that they're limited (only 26 Latin
alphabet letters to choose from) and they have a tendency to conflict with page
titles that already exist. Just looking at the English Wikipedia, is used in a quite a few
contexts (usually to mean "Category:").

That isn't to say that this blocks this bug from being implemented, but the
damage it might cause across all 700+ wikis needs to be properly measured and

There is a similar bug for changing Wiktionary's prefix from "wikt" to a single
letter (I can't remember which). I do vaguely remember it not being implemented
for similar reasons, though. It might provide valuable lessons to find and read
that bug.

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