--- Comment #15 from Trevor Parscal <> 2010-11-08 
18:08:24 UTC ---
It seems that you are calling for a "show as much as you possibly can as tabs"
approach, which is not what we want for the default user interface, but could
potentially be supported as an option.

The software that automatically hides/shows items needs to be improved a bit to
support this. Right now only tabs marked as "collapsible" will be collapsed,
but marking drop-down items as "expandable" does not yet work. Adding that
functionality as well as a line of JavaScript that sets all drop-down menu
items as expandable would do the trick.

Again however, exposing more controls does not equal more usability any more
than hiding more of them does. There's a balance that needs to achieved between
cluttering the screen with every possible button and hiding all buttons behind

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