--- Comment #2 from Michael Dale <> 2010-11-10 16:01:24 UTC ---
I agree ;) .. The TimedMediaHandler adds support via custom display type to the
page url so it would be something similar to "printable" url parameter that
make the page "only display" the player. 

We can do away with the height width and just have the iframe take up 100% of
its window per some of the iframe proxy work I have done for kaltura side of
mwEmbed usage:

The iframe system is better and quickly replacing "object" since it supports a
cross domain messaging system for emulating video player api,  can also work
without any hosting page js and can seamlessly switch between flash and html5
players ( important once Adobe ships vp8 / WebM in flash ) 
The "industry" is moving toward iframe embeds ie youtube and

What I suggest in the mean time to support iframe embed is the following:


We already have a lot of these withJS links floating around so once we and
update to the html5 player extension ( Timed media handler ) the gadget will
know to let the extension take over. At that point we can stop appending the js
url param, but if the withJS is included or not it the embed urls will remain
valid into the future. 

If we need to change the url that hosts the mwEmbed javascript payloads we can
do that easily just by modifying the MediaWiki:MwEmbed.js page. For example
copying a static version to be hosted on cluster servers via mediawiki js page
( like other gadgets ).

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