--- Comment #1 from Platonides <> 2010-11-10 23:40:03 UTC 
The Låura Fiorucci spoof should have been blocked by the extension (check in

The others weren't caught by the extension. I updated the list in [1].

Only the æ spoof remains active, since it would need converting one character
into two. There exists a function (mergePairs) for converting two codepoints
into one, but doesn't seem to exist any easy way for splitting one codepoint
into two (everything is done in term of codepoints there).

Note that [2] added a rule for changing Æ and æ to A. I think that at least æ
should map to ae. Æ is quite similar to just A, though.

Once that's fixed, the extension at WMF should be updated and the mappings


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