--- Comment #2 from Krinkle <> 2010-11-12 12:35:36 UTC ---
not quite, as autopatrols and patrols are both saved with the same log_type and
I haven't traced yet how MediaWiki's Special:Log/patrol extracts the
information to append or not append "(automatic)" to the log entry, but in my
toolserver tools I do this by digging through log_params *after* the query in a
foreach loop since I noticed in the second or third line of that string is a
'1' that indicates whether it's autopatrolled or not.

Asuming MediaWiki does it the same way on the log page, this definitely needs
I think making it a seperate log_action would make sense (just like log_type
'upload' has log_action 'upload' and 'overwrite', log_type 'patrol' could have
log_action 'patrol' and 'autopatrol').

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