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UTC ---
Please read the checkuser extn documentation in mediawiki. I am not sure why
you sound surprised with this. All checkusers should be using the tool per
checkuser policy. if you have specific complaints about some one misusing it,
raise it in that wiki. This is probably not the best place to argue about it. 

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> > (In reply to comment #4)
> > > More privacy invasion, lovely. Did you ever consider actually mentioning 
> > > in the
> > > Foundation privacy policy that you track everyone's user-agent?
> > 
> > We already scan them to get access to the site.
> Yep. Absolutely zero need to store them in order to do that, though -- storage
> of UAs is done solely to let checkusers loose on them. According to the 
> privacy
> policy, you only store IP addresses (and you only use them to deal with abuse,
> rather than say to find out what editing tool someone is using, but hey at
> least *admitting* you store UAs would be a start).

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