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> Please read the checkuser extn documentation in mediawiki. I am not sure why
> you sound surprised with this. All checkusers should be using the tool per
> checkuser policy. if you have specific complaints about some one misusing it,
> raise it in that wiki. This is probably not the best place to argue about it. 

I'm not surprised about it. I do however disagree with the subversion of the
privacy policy that implementation of this bug would contribute to.

Like the privacy policy, the CheckUser policy page on Meta also makes no
mention of the fact that user-agent strings are stored.

The extension documentation does not mention it directly, but user-agent data
is visible in the example screenshots.

I'm pretty sure having the information buried in a technical documentation page
on another website doesn't fulfill the requirement of the privacy policy to
state what data is being retained and why.

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