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"For web developers, this means that 320px be full width in portrait mode at
scale=1, on all of the above-mentioned handheld devices, and they may size
their layouts and images accordingly. But remember that not all mobile devices
are the same width; you should also make sure that your pages work well in
landscape mode, and on larger devices like the iPad and Android tablets.

On 240-dpi screens, pages with initial-scale=1 will effectively be zoomed to
150% by both Fennec and Android WebKit. Their text will be smooth and crisp,
but their bitmap images will probably not take advantage of the full screen
resolution. To get sharper images on these screens, web developers may want to
design images – or whole layouts – at 150% of their final size (or 200%, to
support the rumored 320-dpi iPhone) and then scale them down using CSS or
viewport properties."

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