--- Comment #1 from 2010-11-16 15:57:30 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #0)

The actual result in #0 was extracted from an extra div. The actual result
without an extra div is:

<p>Text 1<sup class="reference" id="cite_ref-0"><a
href="#cite_note-0">[1]</a></sup> Text 2<sup class="reference"
id="cite_ref-1"><a href="#cite_note-1">[2]</a></sup> Text 3<sup
class="reference" id="cite_ref-2"><a href="#cite_note-2">[3]</a></sup></p>
<li>Item 1
<ol class="references">
<li id="cite_note-0"><a href="#cite_ref-0">↑</a> Ref 1</li>
<li id="cite_note-1"><a href="#cite_ref-1">↑</a> Ref 2</li>
<li id="cite_note-2"><a href="#cite_ref-2">↑</a> Ref 3</li>
<li>Item 2</li>

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