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--- Comment #1 from Arthur Richards <> 2010-11-17 
00:00:53 UTC ---
Most of the transactions that I've seen from the OTRS reports from Canadian
users have indeed failed AVS.  In fact, every one failed AVS for the 'street'

After looking a little deeper into how AVS works with PayPal, if we have AVS
enabled as a filter in our PayPal account (which we do), it is then up to the
card issuing bank whether or not to support an AVS query - it has nothing to do
with whether or not the person making the transaction is from the US or
'international'.  It is also /very/ difficult to gauge whether or not we're
seeing a disproportionate number of donations from Canada failing AVS compared
to their US counterparts.

There is a separate 'international AVS' filter which we do NOT use, but the
name is a bit of a misnomer.  Rather than do AVS for 'international' customers,
it just determines whether or not a credit card was issued from a US bank.

Now for some speculation: since /every/ one of the folks reporting to OTRS
about these issues speculated themselves that the problem was due to the fact
they couldn't select a Canadian province (which it absolutely is not), I
suspect that they leapt to this conclusion rather than attempt to correct any
other problems in the form.  Of course, I can't be sure, but that's what I
would do if I was in their shoes.  If this is the case, than this is at least
partly a design/user interface/experience issue.

I am going to send our PayPal rep an email about this and see if he can shed
any more light on what we're seeing and offer any suggestions of how to remedy

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