--- Comment #1 from Neil Kandalgaonkar <> 2010-11-17 
22:02:42 UTC ---
Here's my interpretation of what this bug means to be implemented. This
interacts with other things I'm trying to fix, too.

As always it helps to consider the cases where things fail.

- Each upload gets a second "status line" to explain what, if anything, has
gone wrong with the upload.

- The "Upload and continue" button changes into an "Upload" button, that is to
the bottom right of the widget. It goes directly underneath the
spinner/checkmark/warning icons.

- When "Upload" is clicked, it disappears, and the uploads are kicked off.

- When uploads fail, a status line underneath the filename explains why, if
possible. Like "File is corrupted!" or "Network problem" or "Unknown errors
while uploading". Some failures are recoverable and some aren't, and that
knowledge affects what options we give.

- If all uploads succeed, that space that was occupied by Upload is replaced
with a large-size message with a continue button, like "All uploads succeeded.
[ Continue ]"

- If no uploads succeed, but at least one of them is in a recoverable state 
the lower-righthand space is replaced with a large-size message with a retry
button, like "These uploads/This upload didn't work! [ Retry? ]"

- If the situation was mixed, we give the user two options, like this: "Some
uploads didn't work, [ Retry ]? Or just [Continue]."

As it happens, this is exactly analogous to what happens on the Flickr Upload
form, but was arrived at independently.

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