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--- Comment #2 from Guillaume Paumier <> 2010-11-18 
00:07:13 UTC ---
I agree the overall integration of the tutorial needs to be improved. Listing
the items below for future reference even if we can't address everything before
* Aesthetic integration: the tutorial seems disconnected from the wizard and
comes a little out of the blue
* Make the "next" action more visible, but at the same time still encourage the
user to go through the tutorial before moving on to the next step
* Make the link to the help desk visible.
* Opt-out and re-opt-in in preferences (see below)

This is mostly fine-tuning, which is now possible since we have all the pieces

I don't have thoughts on everything, but I'm sure we can ask Brandon to spend
some time reviewing the upload wizard and tell us what minor visual changes
would improve the overall user experience. Adding him in CC: (I'll ask Alolita
for a few hours of his time).

Also for future reference: at some point we discussed the possibility of moving
the tutorial above the steps progress bar; during the first upload, it would be
unfolded by default. Then, it would be folded by default, but still easily
accessible, and showing only the "Conclusion" or a small version of it.

The rationale for this was to enable the user to use the tutorial as a
"cheatsheet" for the "Release rights" step, for example. The user should be
able to hide the tutorial completely, with a feedback message saying they can
enable it again in their preferences.

We decided not to do that in first-order approximation because it was easier to
just drop the tutorial as a first step, but this is how we think it should

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