--- Comment #3 from Michael Dale <> 2010-11-18 14:37:06 UTC ---
I suppose you could namespace the wikititles... but that could become
complicated to maintain and be a bit of a security nightmear. ie an admin on
wiki X is not nessesarally an admin on wiki Y if script Z breaks on X wiki
coming from Y wiki admin X cant update script :P

If we ever get to the point of having a "wikidata" site that hosts shared
templates, then it would probably be a good place to host shared scripts as
well. ( and limit shared user scripts to that domain ) ... Since interfaces and
interactions could be built around the interconnection of templates with named
dynamic named dom elements so it makes sense if we are sharing templates to be
able to share user scripts as well. 

In the mean time we could potentially make "commons" the shared host for
scripts since most of the types of user scripts you would want to share
currently scripts have to do with media files ( image Annotator, mwEmbed video
subtitles etc )

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