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(In reply to comment #98)
> MZ, are you seriously suggesting that the developers will completely
> re-implement an extension, when the concerns about the original are *not*
> implementation-specific?  I seriously doubt that.

I'm suggesting that the sysadmins in charge of running Wikimedia wikis have
said rather unequivocally that this extension is not going to be installed. The
StringFunctions extension is a means to an end. There are plenty of other ways
to implement string manipulation. For years, there has been discussion of
implementing a proper programming language into MediaWiki. The current
preferred favorite is not Lua, but JavaScript, actually.

I don't believe that there is any legitimate objection to letting users
manipulate strings. However, there are legitimate objections to enabling this
extension on Wikimedia wikis. This bug is about enabling a specific extension
on Wikimedia wikis. Unless there is some reason to believe this is ever going
to happen, this bug should be re-closed as WONTFIX. A subsequent, generic bug
should be filed about the ability to manipulate strings on Wikimedia wikis
(though there's little hope of that bug being resolved anytime soon). Keeping
this bug unresolved in the REOPENED state does not change the reality of the
situation. It just misleads people into believing that this is still up for

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