--- Comment #2 from Arthur Richards <> 2010-11-23 
00:44:30 UTC ---
No meaningful response from the PayPal rep beyond what we already know.

Kaldari put together a form that is being displayed to Canadian users for the
time being.

I took some time last Friday to come up with some numbers of how we're doing
with the new form for Canada compared to how we were doing before.

Raw stats before:
Raw stats after:

Overall, it looks like the new form significantly reduced the # of AVS failures
for Canadian users - down to the same level as the US transactions.  That said,
we saw a higher abandonment (where abandonment = the user never clicked
'submit' on the cc form) and higher denial rate for Canadian trxns with the new
form, although the numbers are pretty close before and after, so perhaps it is
not actually that significant given the sampling period.  Note that sets of #s
you might assume would add up to 100% might not - this is because each discrete
value was averaged between three different logs.

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