--- Comment #10 from Nemo_bis <> 2010-11-24 00:43:08 UTC 
I've read about a similar error here:
The previous file shouldn't be a duplicate because I've never uploaded it
anywhere, but I've tried with another photo which I can't upload here and I
definitely can't have uploaded anywhere because I don't own the rights on it,
and it says "Getting file information and previews" forever; I've tried with a
smaller png and I managed to upload it, the same with a couple of wallpapers,
1024×768px, 400 and 1000 KiB (61_1024.JPG and Imga023_1024.JPG), then I've
tried with another photo like the first one (different filename, more complex)
and it's the same, "Getting file information and previews" forever. Perhaps a
problem with resolution? I really don't understand. :-/

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