Summary: Document-centric semantic wiki
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: any
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Normal
         Component: Semantic MediaWiki

I know this is likely to be a very tall order, but I am wondering whether the
Semantic Mediawiki extension or its like, and all its abilities for enabling
querying, could also be taken advantage of, with adaptations which allowed
nested textual semantic markup, to simplify say the creation of XML
semantically-rich documents like TEI (see for sample
tags) (e.g., by using Mediawiki-like syntax without enabling XML which requires
closing tags; as well known to wiki syntax lovers, even if closing tags can
sometimes provide readability, it can also hamper it).

In this case, the "properties" would not necessarily be about the page per se,
but about information within the article relevant to its immediate context of
the document or possibly some external context.

For example, if plays, novels, Scriptures, etc. were added to such a wiki, any
references to say a date could be marked up as such, as could structural
information like letter openings, closings, etc., or annotations of meaning
like irony, humor, etc., which could then be made available to queries, and
even possibly allowing joins of other documents (e.g., searching for all
document passages mentioning that date range (for the current document, or
those belonging to a given category or with a given property)). 

(And to the extent security/performance is a concern with such repeatable and
open-ended user queries, the extension might allow documents to be added by the
user to say locally stored HTML5 IndexedDB collections, which could in turn be
queried by the user in an offline-friendly manner. jQuery or XQuery (if made
available to JavaScript) could be made available by any HTML5 applications
granted access to these database collections, including ideally some built-in
one available at the wiki itself such that one could query the XML-generated
output within a document or collection.)

While "semantic" often tends to be associated with data-centric applications in
standards-based, web-centric discussions, I am really eager to see it expand to
document-centric data as well. When both are combined, one might be able to
both query a document in a rich way relative to the content, while also access
additional data, perhaps via references to a data-centric wiki like Wikipedia,
in an integrated way.

Thank you.

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