--- Comment #17 from Ville Stadista <> 2010-11-27 
19:43:28 UTC ---
After quickly looking through the MW database layout, it seems like
implementing this feature in the way originally meant would require a query to
the "text" table to produce the diff output; something that is not needed in my
solution. AFAIK this would reduce the performance of the feedwatchlist feature,
and would requrie much more extensive testing to be safe for commiting to
high-traffic sites like Wikipedia. I would dare to say that without some
elaborate diff caching solution the performance hit might be just too hard.

In my solution the comment and the contributor are visible in the RSS/Atom feed
item, and the user only has to open the item's link in a browser to see the
diff. This does not require any additional database queries when the
feedwatchlist is generated unless the user opens the link, much like by opening
the "diff" link in Special:Watchlist.

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