--- Comment #9 from Reedy <> 2010-11-27 22:48:51 UTC ---
It's still useful, ish.

The use case was for the damn stupid "A page is an orhpan, if it has less than
X incoming links".. And other such stupid responses.

Technically, the point of the request is not to get all the information sent
through that we're just going to ignore - We're bothered about the count, not
what they are (in most cases).

To an extent, just putting the request limit to say wanted + 1, and see what we
get back would do.. But we're still getting useless information.

But "returning "x" where x is a specific number or" is the same thing.

Though, technically, just doing the request, without the SELECT columns (well,
we'd need to select something trivial) would do it, surely? and then using the
DB object to do a row count?

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