--- Comment #8 from NicoV <> 2010-11-28 00:28:23 
UTC ---
I have started working again on the Jmol extension.

I agree that the media handler would be really nice, and a lot easier to use
than the existing jmol tag.
Creating a media handler requires quite some work and to understand how
MediaWiki code is working internally for several points. I decided to start
with an easier solution, and to work on the media handler later.

I have worked on a tag much easier to use than the existing jmol tag. For
example, you can now use <jmolFile>Chair.cml</jmolFile> to have access to a
popup window containing a Jmol applet displaying the molecular file uploaded as
Working example can be seen at

What do you think of this ?

I still want to add a few thing to this new tag : ability to use a preview
image instead of a link (either generated on the server if I manage to do this,
or using a static image), maybe allow a Jmol script to setup the display
options, ...

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