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> (In reply to comment #4)
> > Yeah. The biggest thing is gonna be if people don't upgrade extensions when
> > they upgrade MW. But then, that's pretty much their issue, no?
> Some people want thinks backward and forward compatible forever. I'm not 
> naming names though.

Not forever, but the problem arises when people upgrade to 1.17 and suddenly
one or more extensions stop working.  So they go to, or the author's
home-page or wherever to get the latest version, and this is the first time the
extension author hears about the problem.  So they look into fixing it and it
takes a while to get a fix out (for whatever reason) and in the meantime the
user has to disable the extension (which may not be acceptable) or roll back to
1.16 (which may not be simple).

The safe way of implementing a change such as this is to make the change, but
allow the old method to continue working, generating a warning if it is used. 
The bw-compatible hack can then be removed in 1.18 (or 1.19) once people have
had a chance to upgrade their code.

I'm not sure if that is possible with this particular issue, however - it seems
like it might be an either/or situation.

(In reply to comment #5)
> I just fixed those in r77400. So yeah, I'm pretty confident.

Good to see the extensions in the WMF repo are all fixed.  What about
third-party extensions?  Any way of guaging that?

Just for the record, there is no idealogy motivating me in this bug - I just
want to make sure that the implications have been thought through and properly
risk-assessed.  I'm not trying to make trouble - I'm trying to make sure we
avoid it! :-)

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