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> Since there Bug 25289 went live there are several problems. Some are reported
> in onw Bugs, e.g Bug 26163 (others are Bug 26128 - not specifc but based on
> that - and Bug 26129 - minor).
> The bigger problem is the use of ajax technologies. At first, it isnt faster 
> at
> all pages as mostly the content is loaded one after the other and instead of
> together. Then, this technology messes up with users who dont use javascript,
> they have to follow a link to see the page content. It hurts usability and the
> eqality point in good web design.
> At last, the content is loaded after all the scripts are run. Every Gadget
> which should act to the page doesnt work at diffs, mostly critisized the
> section-edit-movement. You can find a lot af examples there:
> So we need to put a onContentLoad-function-Hook to work, which runs when new
> content is loaded, before enabling such ajax things. Until a solution I propos
> to undo the implemented revisions.

Gadgets that alter or scrap HTML will break from time to time when the UI
changes, there isn't always a way around that. The UI cannot stagnate.

Also, the content needs to load the preview *after* the rest of the page. The
whole point of using AJAX is to let the user see the diff without having to
wait on the preview (which can take forever).

That said, I'd agree that the category/IW link and the breakage of local site
CSS customizations is particularly annoying. The committer has made a priority
of these items I believe.

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