--- Comment #3 from Brion Vibber <> 2010-12-01 19:02:36 UTC ---
To clarify on the images -- it's nothing to do with JPEG compression.

The default "/images/wiki-en.png" and similar logos are still an old 8-bit PNG
version which uses binary transparency instead of smooth alpha. This gives it a
hard-edged appearance on darker backgrounds but was necessary for compatibility
with IE 6 in the olden days. (The hard edge is usually not a big deal on the
lighter standard skin backgrounds, but it bugs some people more than others.)

If current new logo images aren't still using the hard-edged binary
transparency, then it's probably a good idea to either:

a) replace the old default images with newer default ones


b) change the $wgLogo settings that still point to those old default files to
point at more appropriate new default files

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