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> The topic is related to an API request, so there is no need to say ar_page_id
> stores it since it is unreachable.

It's actually a very useful thing to say -- it indicates to the other
developers that yes, there is a way internally to get that information, and
therefore that's how an implementation would be built to expose the

Please bear with us; these discussions sometimes take a while to get everyone
on the same page!

A general note however: the original page_id number isn't locked to a page
title as such, but is rather a property of each individual page *revision*
that's been deleted.

There may be multiple past page IDs that have belonged to a given title. In
fact, the same deleted page ID may be associated with multiple past titles, if
it's had individual revisions deleted while it's been in the system if it's
been renamed over time.

So depending on exactly what sort of request you're pulling, it might or might
not be appropriate or straightforward to pass back a page ID from

superyetkin -- can you give an example of a recentchanges API request that
you're doing, so we can confirm what format style is there and think about how
it might be able to fit in there?

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