--- Comment #17 from Brion Vibber <> 2010-12-01 19:48:00 UTC ---
A good use case would be performing cleanup on a page that was deleted without
worrying about accidentally deleting a different page of the same name, since
something pulling data from recentchanges would not be synchronous. Using title
as primary key could end up referring to the wrong page, for instance if pages
have been shuffled around and some of the pages deleted and recreated.

(It may be that this isn't a really suitable use for the recentchanges API;
this sort of thing was definitely an issue in developing the OAI extension,
which is actually designed to serialize the latest actions on wiki pages into a
stream you can pull to build an up-to-date replica.)

Backing up to more general cases -- there *is* a log_page field which holds an
optional page ID for referenced items in log events. For deletion events, this
currently seems to store a 0. Storing the pre-deletion page ID, and exposing
that through API requests for log events, probably makes a lot of sense.

Possibly that would/could/should be accessible through recentchanges as well,
or possibly not.

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