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> (In reply to comment #15)
> > There may be multiple past page IDs that have belonged to a given title. In
> > fact, the same deleted page ID may be associated with multiple past titles, 
> > if
> > it's had individual revisions deleted while it's been in the system if it's
> > been renamed over time.
> > 
> > So depending on exactly what sort of request you're pulling, it might or 
> > might
> > not be appropriate or straightforward to pass back a page ID from
> > archive.ar_page_id.
> > 
> Given these considerations, deleted page IDs are utterly useless AFAICT. If 
> you
> have a use case other than "I want to save 20 bytes of bandwidth by not using
> titles", I'd love to hear it.

I cannot believe it! You are saying using page IDs just does not make sense? To
answer your question: YES, I want to utilize space efficiency and prefer to use
page IDs instead of pagenames. Satisfied?

Can you answer my previous question that if there is a logical reason why a
defunct pageid (0 for deleted pages) is returned and not the old ID? Can you
not see that my request is ONLY for delete logs?

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