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> > (In reply to comment #14)
> > > The topic is related to an API request, so there is no need to say 
> > > ar_page_id
> > > stores it since it is unreachable.
> > 
> > It's actually a very useful thing to say -- it indicates to the other
> > developers that yes, there is a way internally to get that information, and
> > therefore that's how an implementation would be built to expose the
> > information.
> What is the use for saying it if that piece of information is not accessible?
> This is a bug report about the API, so we do not need to know it is stored in
> the database, right? I do not think there is a single "developer" who think it
> is not stored in the database!

This is a discussion forum not only to request features, but also on how to
implement them. The fact that the deleted page id is stored in the database is
not as obvious as it may seem to your misinformed mind. 

Also, please try to be respectful in your responses here; your current tone is
absolutely disrespectful and arrogant towards the developers who are
considering whether or not your request has merit. I might add to this that
people are much more likely to fulfill a civil and respectful request, than one
like yours.

If you are unable to do so, go somewhere else and live with the fact that your
requested feature may not be implemented.

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