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> (In reply to comment #2)
> Nobody has proposed to change the syntax. Only that the current usage might be
> moved into an extension, where also new things similar to this could be added
> (although I would recommended against it).

Actually, Aryeh has suggested eliminating the syntax in favor of templates
(e.g. {{ISBN|XXXXX}}). A few other bugs in this tracker have suggested using
ParserFunction-type syntax (e.g. {{#ISBN:XXXX}}). An extension has the
advantage of being able to be installed across all wikis easily, rather than
relying on users to create and maintain templates (there are still no global
templates). An extension also has an inherent disable/enable feature (in reply
to comment #1). If you were creating this feature today, you'd probably do it
in JavaScript (or at least I would).

Whether Wikimedia or any individual wiki would install this extension to
replace the functionality is not as important as the current system degrades
gracefully. There are a lot of options to move forward here, but I think the
first fundamental question to answer is whether this functionality is
appropriate for core.

I'm not sure what you're recommending against: adding more cases of magic link
syntax or moving this functionality into an extension.

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