--- Comment #7 from Aryeh Gregor <> 2010-12-06 
19:29:18 UTC ---
The normal procedure to get features added to the standard web platform is:

1) At least one browser implementer expresses interest in implementing it.  (If
none are interested, there's no point in proceeding.)

2) It is written it up in a vendor-neutral draft specification published by a
recognized body such as the W3C.

3) At least one browser implements it.

4) Sites start using it.

Browser implementers routinely deploy experimental extensions and then ask
sites to use them.  They do their own internal testing by writing simple web
pages that use the feature, and leave the extension experimental until they've
gotten enough author feedback to standardize and finalize the API.  This is the
normal way things are done.  Your Mozilla bug might be closed because they're
not interested, but not because sites aren't using the feature, so there's no

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