--- Comment #5 from Ryan Kaldari <> 2010-12-06 23:46:33 
UTC ---
No, PHP doesn't know the Geo info, nor does anything on the server side. At the
end of a normal page request you'll see a call to <script
type="text/javascript" src="";></script>. This
sets the Geo info in a global Javascript variable. That info is then used to
choose which banner to display. We tried having the Geo call at the top of the
page, but it caused the page loading to stall sometimes (if the Geo request
took more than a second or so to return). We could theoretically have PHP do
the Geo lookup and output the result to the page, but this would break the page
caching and cause the servers to melt. It something of a chicken and egg
problem. Any other ideas?

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