--- Comment #6 from Trevor Parscal <> 2010-12-10 16:56:05 
UTC ---
Wouldn't it be better if we had a way to check if the contents of a new page
are actually the contents of an existing or recently blanked page? We could do
this with a hash on the contents and a quick query in a table. Then, if the
user appears to be moving a page by copy pasting we can say "it looks like you
are trying to move [[this]] to [[that]], would you like to leave behind a
redirect? Tip: Moving pages can be done by clicking the move action
[[Image:Screenshot of move link in menu bar]]" and then *magically* move it for

Bottom line, making things more visible always boils down to helping a
particular use case at the eventual cost of most others. If we are seeing a
detectable, recoverable misbehavior on the site, we should detect and recover
from it. This is also going to ensure we have a far more robust solution that
actually prevents the misbehavior rather than just hinting the user into
behaving correctly.

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