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--- Comment #1 from Ilmari Karonen <> 2010-12-11 16:46:11 UTC 
Using <em> doesn't really seem semantically appropriate: we don't want to
_emphasize_ those redirects; if anything, we want to make them easier to gloss
over.  Using <i> would be better, since it at least doesn't come with
inappropriate semantic baggage.  (That's the same reason we use <i> instead of
<em> for ''italics'': the parser can't know if the editor meant the italics to
signify emphasis or something else.)

I suspect the reason allpagesredirect was originally made into an unstyled span
was to avoid complaints from users about an unexpected interface change. 
Certainly that was one reason I did the same when I later added
redirect-in-category (although mostly I was just following precedent).  In some
ways, that's [[Parkinson's Law of Triviality]] at work: rewrite an interface
completely, and people will shrug and adapt to it, but if you just change a
tiny detail like italicizing some links, many folks will go "Hey, we had it
looking just right before, why did you have to mess it up?!?"

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