--- Comment #3 from Neil Kandalgaonkar <> 2010-12-21 
01:02:22 UTC ---
Great work Thomas -- however it seems that other lines in the file follow the
same convention. Perhaps the intention is to create equivalency between a list
of mimetypes and a list of extensions, and one is supposed to just intuit that
a mimetype has a slash and an extension doesn't.

This might be a bug in MimeMagic -- if you want to look into it further, that
would be awesome, but I'm going to look into it anyway if you don't have the

 (In reply to comment #1)
> I tracked the problem down a bit, and it seems to be a problem in
> includes/MimeMagic.php.
> MimeMagic has a list of predefined mime types, with assorted file extensions.
> The code that parses the types treats everything up to the first space as the
> mime type, everything behind that as a file extension. As you can see from the
> diff below, the svg line does not follow this convention, leading to an
> extension of "image/svg".
> This blows up in UploadStash.
> With the change below, I can upload svg files again. But I'm not sure what the
> correct fix is here, as this particular line is in the code since r21411, from
> April 2007.
> --- a/includes/MimeMagic.php
> +++ b/includes/MimeMagic.php
> @@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ image/x-bmp bmp
>  image/gif gif
>  image/jpeg jpeg jpg jpe
>  image/png png
> -image/svg+xml image/svg svg
> +image/svg+xml svg
>  image/tiff tiff tif
>  image/vnd.djvu image/x.djvu image/x-djvu djvu
>  image/x-portable-pixmap ppm

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