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> Would need community consensus and a security review first.

I'm not sure why you think this would need community consensus. As for a
security review, this is the current status of this extension on Wikimedia

'wmgUseLST' => array(
    // controls loading of LabeledSectionTransclusion extension
    'default' => false,
    'wikisource' => true,
    'cswiktionary' => true, //22139
    'dewikiversity' => true, //Per Bug 17773
    'enwiktionary' => true,
    'frwiki' => true,
    'metawiki' => true,    
    'sourceswiki' => true,
    'testwiki' => false,



So I imagine it's already been checked for security issues. There might be
other areas of concern (like load issues, e.g.), but I have no idea.

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