--- Comment #5 from X! <> 2010-12-24 21:14:26 UTC ---
Henc(In reply to comment #4)
> I
> apologize for the doubting the statement "it _doesn't work_" but several 
> people
> have gotten it to work and we do depend on it daily.
Hence the "my problem". 

> That said, I think part of the resistance to other frameworks (I personally
> don't "hate" them and have found cake, for example, useful for some of my
> projects) is that MediaWiki is an almost 10-year-old framework in its own 
> right
> even though it does not sell itself as one.

I can see the need for some resistance, but it becomes too much resistance when
people start becoming irrational when the names are even mentioned in casual

Just my 2ยข.

Now back to the previously scheduled bug...

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