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> But this isn't a bug, it is "your problem" (essentially your words) that you
> need help solving.

My problem isn't why ^demon and I are working on this, but it does provide an
example of why PHPUnit isn't always the best solution.

> You haven't verified (at least to my
> knowledge) that the problem ^demon describes is, in fact, non-existent in 
> lime.

lime works in the global scope. Problem solved.

> For what its worth, we're already using PHPUnderControl's PHPUnit 
> integration. 
> How does lime work with that?

I don't know exactly how PHPUnderControl works, but I do know lime can output
in PHPUnit-compatible XML files.

> I hate to say it, but this sounds very much like WONTFIX.
This isn't a bug. It's to keep track of progress on the project. It's mainly a
placeholder. Bugzilla isn't only for bugs.

Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that I'm thinking of one thing, and
you're thinking of another. You're thinking we're trying to replace it because
I can't get PHPUnit to work (which is false, I assure you). I'm thinking we're
trying to change certain tests (not all of them, I assure you) due to a global
scope issue. I would advise you to hold off on jumping to conclusions (and
WONTFIXing) until something comes out of this. ^demon's vacationing for a few
days, so I'm hoping that he can explain this situation better.

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