--- Comment #11 from Mark A. Hershberger <> 2010-12-25 
23:52:20 UTC ---
> Yes the WMF is currently running a testing setup, but this bug is about 
> creating a testing setup that works with Mediawiki in general so what WMF is 
> running is quite frankly irrelevant

I don't pretend to know what the community or even the members of the community
who are in the WMF think.  I only speak for myself.

Still, as one of the developers working to get some sort of testing in place, I
don't think it is helpful to have multiple different frameworks in play since
it makes automated testing more complicated.  The risk of shipping a release
with broken tests is higher if we have multiple frameworks to support.

In my opinion, additional frameworks shouldn't be included in core simply
because one developer cannot get PHPUnit working, which is apparently the only
really solid reason being given now.  If there are intractable problems with
global scope that lime can solve, then that is different, since currently
MediaWiki depends very heavily on globals.

[I think I should start using "the grinch" as my alias given how much I've
posted on this during (and ON) Christmas.)

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