--- Comment #11 from 2010-12-26 00:45:22 UTC ---
What I don't understand is why does Mediawiki implement "''" purely in
HTML (<i>), with no CSS involved, but it implements our
allpagesredirect item we are talking about here purely in CSS with no
HTML involved.

It should then be safe to remove all <i> from Mediawiki and replace
them with pure CSS. Same with <em>, <strong>, etc.

If for _some reason_ that is undesirable, then for that _same reason_
why can't
<div class="allpagesredirect">...</div> be please changed to
<i class="allpagesredirect">...</i>, or
<div class="allpagesredirect"><i>...</i></div>, or
<i><div class="allpagesredirect">...</div></i>?

Just like Mediawiki sends the combined HTML and CSS
<strong class="mw-specialpagerestricted">.
Why did they eventually add that <strong> there, but are refusing to
add an <i> here, but at the same time not removing all HTML tags wholesale?

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