--- Comment #4 from Brion Vibber <> 2010-12-27 02:03:48 UTC ---
It kind of looks to me like this error might be coming from PHP's memcached
module's session handler, not from MediaWiki's:

When using the session handler provided by PHP's memcached module, you
basically set a few settings in your php.ini:

session.handler = memcache
session.save_path = tcp://

With $wgSessionsInMemcached *enabled*, MediaWiki takes over the session handler
settings completely, overriding whatever's configured. But with it *disabled*
(as default), MediaWiki will override session.save_handler to whatever's set in
$wgSessionHandler unless it's null.

By default, $wgSessionHandler is set to "files" -- which is normally the
default session handler on most PHP setups.

As a result, MediaWiki is changing your session settings *FROM* the PHP
memcached module *TO* files, which gets very confused with a session path
that's set to "tcp://blah". :)

Really we probably should *not* be messing with the session handler settings
unless we're taking them over entirely. I think we initialized it to files back
in the day because there were a lot of bizarrely broken shared hosting systems
out there that basically just had totally broken session stuff, but that might
have just been a voodoo fix.

There are probably a few other old bug reports on the subject of the session
handlers being overridden.

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