--- Comment #4 from Leinad <> 2010-12-27 11:10:33 UTC ---
Steps to reproduce:
1. Log in as "normal" user (anons can't create new account via option "By
2. Go on [[Special:UserLogin]], click link "Create an account".
3. Enter only 2 fields: "Username:" and "E-mail:", and then click button "By
4. Receive e-mail with a randomly generated password.
5. Go on [[Special:UserLogin]] and enter new username and generated password,
log in.
6. Software will show message "Incorrect password entered. Please try again."

Please fix this bug^.

PS If you want regain access to a new account, on [[Special:UserLogin]] enter
username and click button "E-mail new password" - software in this case will
generate correct password.

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