Summary: Make Collection extension to automatically create
                    collections for existing books on
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: any
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Normal
         Component: Collection
        Depends on: 15071

This is another thing which would be a lot easier to do on Wikisource/Wikibooks
if we had means to associate separate pages with books (Bug 15071). Currently,
for each book in those projects, we need to duplicate the list of chapters in a
lot of places:
* The book index
* The print version (since the collection extension doesn't provide any HTML
printable version)
* The collection pages
Besides the above, in Bug 15073 is also mentioned the need of automatic
forward/back links on subpages of a book, which usually has to be done (and
updated (!) in more than one place each time a page is moved) by hand on
Wikibooks. For Wikisources, the Proofread Page extension do this for
Wikisources, but Collection extension isn't compatible with it (Bug 21653).

At pt.wikibooks we tried to use centralized templates ([[b:pt:Template:Lista de
capítulos]]) to keep the list of chapters of each book, so that these templates
could be used to the purposes above ([[b:pt:Template:Lista de
capítulos/Imprimir]], [[b:pt:Template:Lista de capítulos/Coleção]],
[[b:pt:Template:AutoNav]]/[[b:pt:MediaWiki:Gadget-Navegação automática.js]]).
Currently, we are able to use such templates to automatically generate:
1. Automatic navigation between subpages of a book
2. HTML printable version
3. The wikicode for collection pages
Nonethelles, even being able to workaround Bug 15071 and generate the lists of
item 3 above, the collection extension doesn't create the book from that list,
because it doesn't expand the templates used, as mentioned at

So, it would be really good if the extension could be indeed be enhanced to
solve our current problems, as suggested at
since, until now, it is not much compatible with projects other that Wikipedia:
* [[w:en:Help:Books/Feedback/Archives/2009/November#Wrong order]]
* [[w:en:Help:Books/Feedback/Archives/2009/December#Access to tex sourcecode]]
* [[w:en:Help:Books/Feedback/Archives/2010/March#Bug: It is not possible to
define a chapter to have only one wikipage]]
* [[w:en:Help:Books/Feedback/Archives/2010/May#The extension is not parsing
* Bug 21070
* Bug 15071

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