Summary: Suggest: MouseOver link definitions, right-click
           Product: MediaWiki
           Version: wikimedia-deployment
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Normal
         Component: General/Unknown

Wikimedia page prose contains many hyperlinks. recently added page
previews when MouseOver-ing search results.  Other websites provide popups on
selected words, generally with a commercial theme.  Wikimedia pages can contain
several terms in the same sentence that may all require lookup.

e.g. from
H00-H06 Disorders of eyelid, lacrimal system and orbit
    * (H00.0) Hordeolum ("stye" or "sty") — a bacterial infection of sebaceous
glands of eyelashes.
    * (H00.1) Chalazion — a cyst in the eyelid (usually upper eyelid)
    * (H01.0) Blepharitis — inflammation of eyelids and eyelashes;
characterized by white flaky skin near the eyelashes
    * (H02.0) Entropion and trichiasis
    * (H02.1) Ectropion
    * (H02.2) Lagophthalmos
    * (H02.3) Blepharochalasis
    * (H02.4) Ptosis
    * (H02.6) Xanthelasma of eyelid

H00.0 to H02.6 are all links.  The first three are explicitly defined, perhaps
giving the user enough info to not have to navigate away from the current page.
 To understand the last 6 items requires clicking the links.

Suggestion: Page links to show popup meanings or definitions of the source
word(s) when user's mouse hovers over them.  The information displayed would be
a definition field that the author populates when s/he edits the page.  This
allows for more fluid intake of information, since page flipping to understand
each phrase would be reduced.

Suggestion: Create a Wikipedia addon giving user context-sensitive right-click
capabilities, such as the one described above. Another example: "Copy" or "Save
high resolution image" might be offered when over a right hand side thumbnail. 
The higher resolution image that resides on a separate page would then be
copied onto the clipboard or saved.  Another time saver: select text,
right-click and have option to "Search Wikipedia for <textselected>."

Thanks for taking the time to review this message.

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