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> because you won't put the <i> there, even though your style for
> it is italic anyway. 

Ok, serious WTF.  Italics is not "our style"; MediaWiki does not have 'a'
style.  It has a *default* style, and wikis can use what they think is
appropriate and change what they think is not.  We have implemented italics as
the default style for redirects entirely because you browbeat everyone into
submission on bug 26266; you've said *yourself* that it is not universally
suitable.  Why on earth would we want to lock in a style which is not
accessible in an entire character set?

(In reply to comment #16)
> But can't they just overpower it back in MediaWiki:Common.css as I have shown
> in Bug 26519 Comment 6 ?

Your entire argument in this bug report is that this is precisely what users of
text browsers *cannot* do.  Which is it?  You can't have your cake and eat it;
users cannot be flexible when they want to do something different to you, but
uncompromising when they want to do what you want.

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