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(In reply to comment #12)
> It's very dissapointing that nothing was improved anent this bug during six
> years.
Although I agree with your argument that English always is not necessarily
nice, there's a technical reason we haven't done anything in six years,
presented in comment #2: Squid caching would suffer severely. The "pile of
rubble" part may not be as accurate today as it was in 2005 (we gained some
capacity since then), but please understand this is not an easy change at all.
Back in 2005 our servers really did rely on every anonymous user seeing the
same thing at the same URL for the servers not to melt down; and I'm not so
sure Accept-Language detection for anonymous users would be feasible in
2010/2011 either.

> Many people in my surrounding really hate English and would never contribute 
> to
> a project that appears totally in this language, without an easy and fast way
> to switch it.
"an easy and fast way to switch it" might just be what we *can* do. We could
use JavaScript to obtain the user's Accept-Language preferences from the API or
something (which wouldn't go through Squid cache, but that's OK: it's just a
language list, not an entire wiki page) and use that information to display a
link with the native language name (i.e. 'Deutsch' for German, 'Fran├žais' for
French, etc.) that would then lead to the account creation form in that
language or maybe trigger persistent uselang (language selection for anonymous
users, basically) if and when we have that.

In fact, I once wrote some proof-of-concept code that obtained the user's
Accept-Language settings from the API, stored it in a cookie (to avoid
repetitive API requests) and used it to reorder the "In other languages" links
in the sidebar. We never ended up using it but it's still lying around

tl;dr: Automatically showing wiki pages in the browser language for anonymous
users is probably not gonna happen, but a feature offering to switch languages
based on the browser language isn't hard to do.

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