--- Comment #13 from Reedy <> 2010-12-31 19:45:12 UTC ---
-- Freetext tagging for revisions
CREATE TABLE /*_*/code_tags (
  ct_repo_id int not null,
  ct_rev_id int not null,
  ct_tag varbinary(255) not null,

  primary key (ct_repo_id,ct_rev_id,ct_tag)
) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;

CREATE INDEX /*i*/ct_repo_id ON /*_*/code_tags (ct_repo_id,ct_tag,ct_rev_id);

That suggested index is seemingly already there...

It seems like on general you're agreeing with the just leave them be...
Versions that improve/fix the optimiser will improve queries, and like you
said, we're not going to have millions upon millions of revisions...

For the equality propagation, the originals had foo = bar AND bar = 3 (or
something similar), i was just poking around and changed for explicit values.

Seemingly, the best thing is maybe getting it to do FORCE INDEX.. But it isn't
garunteed to help

Maybe just remove the technical restrictions people have put in, which are
causing some annoyances, and close the bugs...?

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