--- Comment #24 from Reedy <> 2011-01-01 02:38:52 UTC ---
I'm guessing this one might need another index...

It's doing

cpc_repo_id, cpc_rev_id in the LEFT JOIN

And then

cpc_repo_id cpc_attrib cpc_timestamp

Also, this table doesn't have a Primary Key..

-- Changes to review metadata for a single code revision.
CREATE TABLE /*_*/code_prop_changes (
  -- Repository ID
  cpc_repo_id int not null,
  -- Native ID number of this revision within the repository.
  cpc_rev_id int not null,

  -- The item that was changed
  cpc_attrib enum('status','tags') not null,
  -- How it was changed
  cpc_removed blob,
  cpc_added blob,

  -- Timestamp of the change, in MediaWiki format.
  cpc_timestamp binary(14) not null default '',

  -- User id/name of the commenter
  cpc_user int not null,
  cpc_user_text varchar(255) not null
) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;

CREATE INDEX /*i*/cpc_repo_rev_time ON /*_*/code_prop_changes (cpc_repo_id,
cpc_rev_id, cpc_timestamp);
CREATE INDEX /*i*/cpc_repo_time ON /*_*/code_prop_changes (cpc_repo_id,

code_signoffs also doesn't have a PK... But does have a unique index...

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