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--- Comment #38 from Krinkle <> 2011-01-01 19:55:00 UTC ---
So I understand that central langlinks and central templates will no longer be
seperate systems but both use the same.

I think that's great since this way more can be transcluded in the bottom of
the article.
For example:
* {{fa}} (Featured article)
* {{commonscat}} (Category on Commons with images about this subject)
* {{wiktionary}} (Page on Wiktionary with grammar, definitions, translations
about this subject)

Ofcourse these templates may not exist on all projects, but that's exactly
where the other usecase of this system comes in, they can exist in the central
place as well.

A few important questions imho though
* Is this going to be on Commons ?
* Although both will use the same system, if not on Commons. Will central
templates and langlinks be stored on the same wiki ?
* Will it fallback to Commons, like with images ? (ie {{fa}} will transclude
local Template:Fa and otherwise Commons' copy of {{fa}}, and using
{{commons:Template:fa}} will always use Commons's version). Or should there be
no such fallback (why not?) and must there be a iw-prefix ?
* Should we disallow transclusion from other projects and only from one ? if
not, why ?
* Should we disallow transclusion from non-Template namespaces ? If not, why ?

Just for the record, other examples of great localized templates on Commons:
* {{Information}}
* Licenses
* more..

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