--- Comment #7 from Aryeh Gregor <> 2011-01-02 
00:03:01 UTC ---
When pasting these things in the future, use \G instead of ; as statement
terminator, so that the result is more legible.  E.g., 

DESCRIBE SELECT cr_message,cr_author,cr_id,ct_tag AS rnotes  FROM
`mw_code_rev` LEFT JOIN `mw_code_tags` ON ((ct_repo_id = cr_repo_id AND
ct_rev_id = cr_id AND ct_tag = "release-notes"))  WHERE cr_repo_id = '3' AND
(cr_status NOT IN('reverted','deferred','fixme')) AND (cr_message != '') AND
(cr_id BETWEEN 77000 AND 78000 AND (cr_path  LIKE '/trunk/phase3/%'  OR cr_path
= '/trunk/phase3'))  ORDER BY cr_id DESC \G

The ";" format tends to break horribly when you paste long rows into Bugzilla,
which inserts line breaks.

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